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By giving you key insights in terms of what to look for, we hope you’ll  avoid becoming a victim. Because let’s be quite honest, we have learnt to  survive by encountering many of the world’s best business Weasels.  You’ll note, that we talked about “surviving” not thriving. We’re still here,  still trying, not cynical, but more skeptical than when we started our  business lives. 

i2P: Weasels Always Win

Excluding GST/HST
  • This book is about Weasels. Not the furry kind, but Weasels that occur throughout business and life, waiting for you to show weakness so that they can pounce, taking advantage of you in any way that suits them. Using the metaphor of hunter and prey, we’ll take you through the challenges you’ll need to overcome, to stay on top – and of course, uneaten.

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