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Evaluating Your Strategy

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

As a leader, or an aspiring leader, are you ready to try answering yes or no? Answer the next 7 questions to see if you are truly ready to lead!

1) Will you demand that your team listen to your customers and stakeholders?

Today’s leaders must be prepared to listen to what all these people have to say, they have to actively seek out the opinions and feedback of customers, employees and stakeholders – this feedback is an important part of creating the loyalty that is so important in today’s world. Yes or No

2) Are you prepared to listen

to what your team has to tell you? Yes or No

3) Will you unflinchingly deal with the problems

that could bring your business to its knees? Yes or No

4) Will you challenge the status quo,

even when you are at the top of the heap? Yes or No

5) As long as you are not breaking the law,

are you prepared to play hard and win? Yes or No

6) Can you make dramatic shifts

in your company and competitive position? Yes or No

7) Once your objectives are achieved

are you ready to maintain them and then start preparing for the next growth challenge? Yes or No


If you answered “NO”

or doubted your ability/willingness to adhere to any one of the preceding points, then don’t even think about competitive strategy. Your only strategy can be an “invest to maintain”, course of action that hopes all your competitors are as complacent and lazy as yourself. Be prepared to enjoy your profits now, because they will not last and tough times will be upon you and you might not survive.

If you said “YES” to questions 1 to 7,

then you are ready to lead and prosper. Congratulations, dealing with these “terms of engagement” will give you the information you need to build a winning strategy.

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